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One thing people might not know

I’m Bi-Polar, which most of my friends know. Top it off with Aspergers, ADHD , Agoraphobia, Anxiety Disorder, Chronic Migraines and some muscle and joint thing yet undiagnosed and it will sound like a terrifying tea blend. Luckily I live my life mostly balanced, and happy. Lots of therapy, good friends, Buddhism and art help with that.

There is one thing with my Bi-Polar I can’t get around. Seasonal changes. Most people know about SAD(Seasonal Affective Disorder) and acquaint it with Winter Blues and summer mania. This is the case for many people.

What people on’t know is it can be just the opposite. Depression in the summer, mania of one sort or another in the winter. Now I am lucky enough to not get too manic, but I do still get manic. Restless. Snippy. Anxious. It is not fun at all. I usually have to have a medication increase until spring rolls around.

I love fall though, it’s my favorite season. The crisp clean air compared to summer air filled with pollution. The leaves changing on the trees, being able to actually go outside without turning to Vampiric Ash. It’s a wonderful season, that also is home to my favorite holiday. Halloween!

So there you have it. A different kind of SAD. Some of you may have it and wonder why every year at this time you get more hepped up, more energy. So I thought I would share this little tidbit.

Until next time.


My First Entry

If you are reading this, thank you, and hello. What a year it’s been, at least for me. A year of changes, good changes. Of hot weather, no winter, added pounds…

So to sum up. In January I came out to my family, after having met the most wonderful woman. We’d been together about 5 months, I felt it was time to let them know. I am 38, probably should have dropped the brick about 20 years ago. I’ve known for 24. My sister was not too surprised, her now ex Husband knew the minuet she said “I have something to tell you, Oh my God!”

“Brenda’s gay.”

“How did you know?”

“I’ve know for years!”

My best friend knew long before I told her.

My Dad was not terribly surprised either.

Looks like I wasn’t hiding it very well. Then again I was raised to be who I am, so maybe I didn’t want to.

Everyone has been great. Not totally Oh HUZZAH you’re GAY, but supportive. Happy that I’m happy.

My black for over 5 years and always two inch long hair was colored auburn and left longer. Soon it will be John Watson Dark Blonde.

After swearing I wasn’t going to get another cat, I did. In February, and she’s marvelous.

I got a roommate. Granted that was last August, but I count it as this year. It’s rather nice. I stay as busy as I can, and it’s fun to have a best friend living with you.

I got on Social Security Disability. Something else I just never wanted to do. However my health problems had kept me from working over  year anyway, so I finally realized that it is what it is, and took the plunge. I have to admit it’s nice to know I have a steady income, even on days when I really can’t get out of bed, or can’t see properly to drive.

I’m Buddhist, albeit a very, very new one. Tibetan tradition. I’m still learning a lot. I like Buddhism because it is one big road of learning, and logic, and deciding and growing, and being kind and compassionate and love and learning happiness. It fits me.

In a weeks time, maybe two, I will be painting my first Acrylic painting. A hobby that can be done as I feel like it, it seems a good fit. So I’m giving it a go. I have always liked creating, ever since I was very small.

What else will this year hold besides the new Green Day CDs that have me on tip toes? I guess I have to ride the ride.

Baubles & Blessings

Handmade jewelry infused with love & Reiki!