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A new adventure

I have decided to lose weight. I won’t hide it, I’m now at 300 pounds. Which I have not been for years. I lost 110 pounds of it on weight watchers years ago, and have watched it slowly creep back. Year after year. first it was my medications, then my health problems and finally a ridiculously hot summer that made me peak at this high weight.

I am very unhappy about it. I’ve cried, I have only 3 shirts. For someone on my income that is not cool. The Salvation Army at half price day is my friend.

I wanted to join Weight Watchers again. Only because I like their on-line site. My roomie told me there are free sites similiar, so I went looking thanks to the magic of Google.

I found and I am impressed thus far. Their site also tells you how many calories a day you should consume, how many you should burn. Just like Weight Watchers, you have a food and exercise diary. The site has message boards, recipes, information on all sorts of health related information, and exercise videos. I was particularly impressed with the seated videos. It gives me a place to start!

I will keep everyone posted on my progress! I am hopeful.

The site though is just a tool, I know I have to want this. For the right reasons.

I don’t care about how I look so much as how healthy I am. I know this weight is dangerous. Diabetes, Heart Disease, Lung Disease, High Blood Pressure and Strokes all run in my family. Not to metion the muscle pain and fatigue I deal with that will soon be diagnosed. I know no matter what is, weight is not it’s friend.

I won’t lie, I do care about how I look, but I don’t care about being super skinny. I’m not built that way.

This is me last winter at about 273 pounds. I was in a men’s size large.

This is me only a few months later. I’m very happy, but…sadly a 2XL who needs clothes like crazy.


Happy in both, just bigger in one. I have to admit last winter I felt pretty. I had used new skin products and my skin looked better than it has in 15 years, I was in smaller sizes so I had awesome clothes, I hadn’t stupidly put shorter layers in my hair and it laid properly. I was a auburn haired woman after years and years of black hair.

It’s hard to feel pretty at this weight, with my hair far too layered and my skin not as clear because I had to switch products. Price hike.

I think mostly it’s hard to feel pretty when you don’t feel good too, and it’s hard to feel good this big.

So I am starting a journey. New medications are coming into my life for my migraines, I will be seeing Orthopedic residents soon at the OSU school of Osteopathy, thanks to the Oklahoma Tobacco tax, and now to lose weight.


No insurance, no problem if you have a fat wallet

Today I may rant. A little. OK a lot. No insurance is a huge problem in this country, and it needs to be fixed. Our healthcare system is beyond broke. 

I take prescriptions daily, and am blessed enough to get the most expensive free through a program the drug companies have. They do not advertise these programs. Ask your doctor. It’s the only way you find out. So I only take two right now I pay for. Not too bad right? 

Yes, right and wrong, because inevitably I get sick. I have no immune system and every year I get sick at least three times. This time I contracted a heavy case of bronchitis. The doctor assured me he was writing cheap prescriptions. I was relieved until I got to the pharmacy and found out “cheap” was over 140 of pills!!! That’s with all but one being generic!!  We left off the anti-nausea pill and just got the other three, still paying a whopping 71 dollars. A friend had to pay.

I do think I qualify for Medicaid, but I didn’t know that until last week. So I will now be jumping through hoops to attempt to get that. It will be incredibly helpful. I will not have to pay 72 every other month for one doctor, and will be able to get into a neurologist ASAP for my migraines among other things. So there is hope. 

What about people who don’t qualify for programs that help? They make just a little too much. Maybe they run a small business. Insurance is literally almost 200 a month for a small business owner if they want to get a plan worth a damn, and that’s not including dental insurance. 

So for people like me National Health is the Holy Grail. I would pay 25 or so a month to get help with my stuff! People with insurance, rich people, etc. don’t want a national health program. The prescription companies line their pockets and don’t want one. 15 dollars for a generic antibiotic older than me? Seriously. Shame on you drug companies. 

So that’s a rant, and not well written, but the point of it all is healthcare here is broken. People die of illnesses because they have no insurance, people don’t take their medications, and in the case of Psych meds often end of homeless, confused and alone. This has to change, and our political system needs to let it change and quit being so damn stubborn. Ignore the special interest and look at your true interest congress. We the people. Who elected you because you’re the closest thing we can trust to make our country safe and our lives a bit better. Have compassion, really look at this country and think about the people suffering and DO something. 

I need to rest now. So end rant. 

Peace all. 

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