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What is Fandom?

Fandom is a word some of my readers may not be acquainted with. Others may know it by heart and participate in it daily. Such as myself.

Miriam-Webster defines fandom as

: all the fans (as of a sport)
: the state or attitude of being a fan
The latter is what is important to folks like me. We live and breath the things we love. They bring us comfort, joy, friends, even lovers. Is it a religion? To some I think so yes. I mean, there is a Church of Elvis. Yes. I am serious.
My fandoms are Supernatural and Lord of the Rings. There are others. Harry Potter, Green Day. Supernatural though. I am more than a casual fan. I think, at least to me, a fandom fan goes beyond that. We’re the people that watch it all the time, decorate our walls, wear out Tumblr, meet online and talk about our favorite characters. To us it is a lifestyle. We know who directed the episodes we love, why we love the characters we do, we have ships and we hold onto their masts even when they seem to be sinking. We are a family. Family doesn’t end with blood, in the infamous words of Bobby Singer.
Fandoms get things done. We help raise money for our actors favorite charities, we work for said charities, we win World Records (GISHWHES 2011 and 2012, see Misha Collins. Google it. Although I may write up a blog about my experiences with it. ) we get things done. We vote until our fingers are sore so our shows win people’s choice awards and TV Guide covers.
Why? This stuff matters to us. How many fan have gone through hard times in their lives and the shows they love, the characters they relate to, helped them through.
Two years ago I lost all my friends but my best friend and a couple aquaintences. I was sick with chronic Migraines and Vertigo. I was depressed. My love of Supernatural, it helped more than I can ever say. It’s hard for people to understand who haven’t been there, but it was very healing. It just is.
Everyone should love something in their life. Maybe it’s not a show, but poetry, painting, reading, gardening. Give something your all though. That’s what we are here for. To create love, to enjoy all that life has to offer. I personally think fandoms help people do that.
Carry on my Wayward son.
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