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Addresing doubts that the internet is a place you CAN meet non-cannibalistic serial killers.

My family tends to be a bit old fashioned. A bit. The internet, especially to the oldest members, is still a dark scary place. Most certainly you can’t meet people there! They must be orcs, or mass murderers, or be “not right”.

Well, for the record I suppose I’m “not right”. Which makes me chuckle.

I would argue the internet is the best place these days to meet people. I met my best friend on the internet. She’s my roommate now. I met my girlfriend on the internet, we’ve been together over a year. Hell, all my friends are on the internet.

Except one I met at work, but we see each other rarely. He’s in school, I live far away. Also one I met, on the internet, who lives in my toen. We saw Green Day together twice. We haven’t seen each other since but consider each other friends none the less. She’s a wonderful person.

For people like me, shy, introverted, mildly autistic in my case, the internet opens doors I never thought would exist in my lifetime.  Oh that I would have had it when I was in my twenties, my life would have been different.

To find people with shared interests as specific as mine I can a.)Go to a convention B.) Stalk the DVD section until I see someone pick up Sherlock or Supernatural and rush straight at them quoting my favorite lines, asking about characters. I could even chase them out of the store as they ran.c.)I could set up a blog, a Facebook, a Live Journal, a Twitter. Where I can be at least partially articulate. I can join on-line groups specific to my interest. TADA friends. I meet real friends.

Yes there will be acquaintances, and passers by, but that is no different than the “Real World” as so many call it.

The best friends I have, or have ever made in the last over 10 years of my life have been right here in cyber space, and I’ve no doubt they will always be the best ones.

The best person I’ve ever roommed with was met on the internet. Live Journal as a matter of fact. “Mind if I follow your journal?” “Sure, OK.” and now 4 years later we’ve stacks of cards, and memories, and Dark Lord squirrels and the great blizzard where we chatted all night. That is true friendship. The friend who stuck around when others didn’t. Helped when others had finally given up on me, and got to watch as I finally got happy. We’ll watch each other grow old as we watch ridiculous youtube videos and repeat jokes that with “Never not be funny”.

Then my gorgeous girlfriend. Once again thank you WWW. We may be long distance but she’s the best person I’ve ever dated. She’s caring and understanding and funny and fun. I think you learn more about a person from texts, e-mails, phone conversations than you do face to face. We’ve made many memories, longed for many rainbow striped socks and drank a ton of tea together. We even have dates. yes, that’s possible. I had a Valentine’s Date and it was really fun and wonderful. Without getting too mushy on all of you I will say I love her and it’s as real as my favorite pink socks. It will still be real ten years from now.

The internet affords good opportunities to meet people dealing with similar things that you are. For example when I found out I was bi-polar, I turned to internet groups on Live Journal for support and friendship, and I received that. The same with my Autism diagnosis, and now with my migraines and possible Fibromyalgia or something similar. I’m much more comfortable in a setting where I write things down. It’s easier, and I tend to stick my foot in my mouth far less. At least I like to think so. I’m probably wrong.

I am of the age where I remember living without the internet. Not because it didn’t exist. I remember chatting for the first time when I was 18 at a friends house. No, it existed. it was just far too expensive for most of us to have. I barely had any friends with computers until my mid to late twenties.  They were good days. I will say I wrote more poetry, got more sun, had actual paper pen pals, there were fun times.

I don’t regret my first computer, getting into yahoo groups, Live Journal, Facebook (OK I regret FB a little. MySpace, we are not even talking about that.) I am in a place now where I need the information, resources and friendships the internet provides.

So to sum up. The internet is OK. It’s OK to meet people here, to make friends, to speak your mind. I’m not sorry for any friends I have made over the years from Dial up, to DSL and to Cable connections all the way to Wireless. Thank you internet.

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