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A Review

I don’t normally write reviews. Well, OK maybe I do, but not here on my newly blooming blog. I am, however; compelled to write a review of the best little coffee house in Tulsa. The Phoenix. 

Every week I go to therapy, and the last two times I have stopped into The Phoenix. I was drawn by the brick building with the yellow painted sign on the side. I love brick. I love painted brick. 

So last week, in I went. Upon stepping in, I was pleased. It was not brightly lit like Barnes and Noble, which makes me want to wear the darkest shades ever made. I do mean ever. Dimly lit, and despite being busy, not loud. Another thing that makes my body scream, Oh my god can we please leave?

Now I do love Barnes and Noble, I won’t lie. I adjust to it’s blinding florescents for my coffee urges and book needs. It’s close, it’s convenient. 

The thing is, because of “close and convenient” I think we all are missing out.

So back to first impressions. The counters are made of books. Yes, hard cover books glued into beautifully colorful stacks make up the counters. Some of the walls are brick. Again I am a sucker for brick. On the ceiling hanging retro lights, and upside down lamps light the room. There are bleacher style seats made of a lovely wood, and mismatched tables and chairs. 

My firs visit I was impressed. I had a Dirty Chai made with soy milk and a cookie. The coffee was fantastic. I drank it quickly as my bus was coming and I really did not get the full experience, so all I can say is on that visit:extremely friendly staff, great coffee, awesome cookie and what I feel are reasonable prices. 

Today I got the full experience. I decided to take a later bus so I could sit down and enjoy a Chai Latte in a real mug. It was warm and absolutely magnificent in every way. The kind of Chai Latte you want to take your time with. I enjoyed a lovely Gluten Free treat as well. A cake of sorts. It also was very good. They warmed it for me. Again the staff were extremely friendly, even though they were busy. 

It was easy enough for me to find a quiet corner and contemplate and look around while I sipped, warming up from the outside chill. 

As I was leaving, I had to use the ladies room. This is when I made the best discovery yet. Not in the ladies room!

The Library! You go into a door you think is only bringing you to the restroom and there it is, to the left. With the most beautiful red couch I have ever seen. Floor to ceiling books, and wonderful places to sit and read in peace and quiet. Away from the outer area. The books are for sale at used book prices, but you can just grab one and sit down and read if you chose. 

It’s the kind of place I always wished we had in Tulsa. It compared to my first coffee house experience in Bartlesville, only better. Dark, moody, hipster, unique. 

Anyone looking for a nice place to go on a Friday night, check out the Phoenix. They also serve beer, wine,bagels and other food items. I think it’s one of the hidden treasure that can be found in Tulsa. 

The Phoenix is located right at the intersection of 6th and Peoria. 

Enjoy! Image



There is a line in an Amanda Fucking Palmer song

“Quit the bitching on your blog
And stop pretending art is hard
Just limit yourself to three chords
And do not practice daily”

In her epic anthem to an instrument I one day will play. I will. The Ukulele.

For now, I want to say this. Art isn’t hard. Art is scary. I think that is where so many of us disconnect. The sheer fear of putting a little piece of our soul onto paper, the internet, canvas, or CD. It’s terrifying. What will people think? Is it crap? well I like it, but I mean it still could be utter and complete crap. it could be a coaster or cat pan liner.

The thing is, we have to jump that hurdle. Maybe it is complete junk. So what? It MY junk! I painted it, wrote it, tore it, bled it, sketched it, screamed it, strummed it, sang it, or simply stood there. Whatever it is, it’s mine, or yours. Nothing ever changes that fact. You hand it out there, and you say “Look what I did. Maybe you’ll like it.” and you let it go.

I just sent two poems into a newer Zine here in Tulsa. It was terrifying. I didn’t want to hit send. I was worried. Fuck it. I hit send. They were willing to take the time to read it? I was willing to take the time to send it. If they say no, well. They said no. My words are still mine and I am proud of them.

So in the end, no matter what your talent, be willing to take the leap. We all have some form of faith. I don’t mean religious faith. I mean the kind in yourself. That you are at least marginally good enough to give it a try.

Next stop for me? More blogging, continuing to learn to paint, and probably some photoshop work. Hell I may even get the camera out.

What’s the next stop for you?

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