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A few thoughts on Legends

It’s been ages. So much for keeping posts up weekly. There are the usual array of excuses, but honestly I should just get at it and post really.

I am starting the TV series Merlin. I’ve not seen it at all, which is very surprising in some respects  Although through the years I have had cable, not had cable, had cable without the proper channels..etc etc. Cable is expensive. Don’t even get me started.

So now I am starting at the beginning on HULU. Have I mentioned how much I love Netflix and HULU? Those and an Antennae and you really don’t need cable television. Just cable internet and you are good to go!

In starting the TV show Merlin, I starting thinking about my lifelong interest in King Arthur and all things to do with Arthurian Legend. Books read, conversations had over the years.

In high school my term paper was concerning Medieval Folk heroes and how they were affected by Social Castes. I won’t bore you with all the details (Where IS that paper? I’ve actually lost it. Such were the days of Index cards and paper.), but basically it was about how poorer people might have looked up to Robin Hood far more as a hero. Giving to the poor, stealing from the rich. When you are living on practically nothing and paying taxes to the King on the Hill in the huge castle, it makes sense. Right? While Arthurian Legends were typically much more popular with the upper class. Those who lived by Chivalry and all due process of the court, blah blah.

Forgive any mistakes I may make or already have made in writing this, that paper was researched over 20 years ago. I do good to remember yesterday.

So now, as I see this huge production on my computer screen, I had a  thought. I’m actually way lower class income wise, yet I live in a beautiful place. I have everything I need and probably a ton I really don’t. In today’s society I guess I am considered poor, so we’ll just go based on income I suppose. Since in today’s society the heavy hitters get 50.00 haircuts, have new cars, don’t normally buy used clothes, etc etc. (Used clothes make me incredibly happy. I’ll save that for another post.) Anyway, going with it…

Why is it that today, people like myself, or even poorer, lower in our caste system; love King Arthur so much. When the very people like us so many years ago didn’t relate to him at all? In this day and age we love all things romanticized. that’s why. To us Robin Hood is equal in story and heroics to Arthurian legend. The drama, romance, costumery (is that a word?), battles, fanfare, tragedy. We see it as the same.

We see it as the same because it is not our time period. So we are able to look at it through different glasses and see ourselves in both stories . In wanting to rob the rich and give to the poor; look how many politicians use that very platform over and over and over again. We will lower the taxes on the lower class, and raise them on the upper class. In wanting to be the one that fights a good battle and saves someone in distress  People are hurting, we ride in on a horse, and we try and make it better. Those people are our damsels in distress.

Were we to go to a different country, where the difference between the rich and the poor might be even greater, a country not raised on these myths and legends; would they relate to both? If they could even relate at all, my thought is no. They would relate in a way similar to the Middle Ages due to what they know. They don’t always have access to the toys the people in the “castles” have by going to a store. They only know what they know. Not because they are stupid! Certainly not! Simply because that is what they know, they have not been exposed to anything else.

So really the world has and has not changed I think. In the end we still relate to what we CAN relate to. Spiderman, Batman or Superman? Magneto or Dr. Xavier? These, our modern heroes take into account things more common in our society. Psychological things .

So who is it for you? Batman and Magneto here.

That is my off the cuff entry for the week. Hope all of you are well and happy. Have a great week!



I missed my Sunday posting, but I’m kinda laid back, and I was eating tons of it’s a post today.

Today, April Fool’s day. The day of Mishapocalypse .Which I keep spelling wrong. Anyway…

It all started a few weeks ago when a tumblr user (I will find their name. I just scrolled through my tumblr for half an hour trying to find it. I’m going blind here. ETA: THE NAME! Their name is lokisleathersuit well I am sure that is not their real name, but there it is. The person who started it all. Tumblr famous and for good reason! ) decided that on April Fool’s day everyone should use the following picture as their icon.


It’s a very bad picture of Misha Collins. Mostly bad because he looks like he wants to suck you into his ice cream truck and eat you with some butterscotch and vanilla ice cream. Not in the good kind of way either.

Did I just say that?

My brain is fried. Why would your brain be fried Bryn? You might ask no one in particular.

I will tell you. That one photo has turned into an epic phenomenon that has had all Misha Collins fans on tumblr every single hour they have been awake. Including me. It’s been pasted into gifs and onto everything from movie posters, to cartoon characters and everything in between.

Tumblr founder David Carp was shocked to wake up to a tumblr full of Misha Collins.


As the day progressed actor Misha Collins got in on the action, posting all sorts of ridiculous pictures of future “plastic surgery” and even changing his user icon to..well..probably someone from a town in Oklahoma of about 6 people. Hey, that person got to be famous for a day! Fans were beside themselves, and that includes me; that he was having as much fun with it as we were.


Later in the day David Carp posted another tweet.

david carp three

I can not even begin to point out the creativity and humor in the Supernatural fandom that was expressed today as post after post after post contained more Misha Collins that I have seen in my years as a fan of Supernatural and Castiel. Between all the fan videos I watch, fan art I look at, and times I have seen the Castiel Episodes of the show..that my friends is a LOT of Misha Collins. I wish I could post every single thing that was on tumblr, but I can’t. There is not enough room. One fan made a commemorative video , I am posting that because it shows a lot of what was on tumblr today.

I think the point of this is the sheer power of social media. How it brings people together. it was a day where fans felt close, together, and had one hell of a good time. I know I did.

Our eyes burn, our fingers are sore, for many their photoshop is probably screaming at them. We don’t care.

Are any of the Misha or Supernatural fans sorry we spat Misha Collins all over everyone’s tumblr dash. No, not really.

These same people, who united to make this happen, we’re the people who work to make Random Acts of kindness a daily thing. We’re the same people who try to raise enough money to get to go to Haiti every year to help build an Orphanage. Here is a link to this year’s trip for those interested in donating.

These are the same people who for the last two years have run “AMOK” on the Annual Melee of Kindness day. Doing everything from working to feed the homeless to things as simple as baking cookies for an elderly neighbor. Nothing was too big or too small. (Aside. I took part in the first one and it was an amazing feeling making people smile.)

Those things are not even the tip of the iceberg of what Supernatural fans have accomplished. I have seen all of us get enough money together to save a girl’s life by getting her emergency surgery for severe cysts in her Uterus and on her ovaries. Actress Kim Rhodes helped with the doctor and fans went to work, raising money. Her life was saved. We’ve donated to charities on behalf of Jared and Gen Padaleki’s baby Thomas, on behalf of the future baby of Jensen and Danneel Ackles. We get shit done.

Social Media brings people together for silliness like the Mishapocalypse, but it puts these same fans together into a powerful force to do good in this world.

So today was a day I know I am going to remember for a long time to come. Except that tomorrow we are all acting as though it didn’t happen. Good thing I wrote this blog before midnight.

Until next year.

You can follow Misha Collin on twitter @mishacollins

You can also follow Random Acts on Twitter @therandomactorg

Charities Jared adn Gen are involved with

A Dog’s Life Rescue

St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital (Donations taken for their baby Thomas in lieu of gifts)

Charities Jensen and Daneel are involved with

Hats Off For Cancer (Donations in lieu of gifts for their baby girl)

His nephew Levi has Down’s Syndrome and he has been active in charities for that as well. I can not find the exact one. Anyone out there with the info?

I know I have not come close to listing everything just these three actors from Supernatural do. The cast is amazing in every sense of the word, adn the fanbase in amazing. Thsoe two things powered by social media as a driving force can change the world.

Sometimes, it can just make you laugh. So on that note I think I will stroll back to tumblr.

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