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The beginnings of “Shucking Down”

Everything in life begins with a thought. That thought can be entirely your own, but most likely it was prompted by someone else, who had been prompted by someone else…you get the idea.

A lovely man in a facebook group I am in mentioned he had done the most epic spring cleaning I think I have ever heard of. Another member then mentioned getting rid of many unwanted or unused things. Donating them may I add, not throwing them away. So it set my mind whirring.

Things. Oh the things I have. By society measures probably not that much, but to me it stares me in the face more often than not. Books unread because I can’t really see the print in paper books very well, clothes too small, bath and body products sitting stagnant.

We are moving in a few months to a far nicer place. My room will be the same size, but I intend to have far, far less clutter. So I must get rid of things. Where to start? What do I get rid of? What if I need it again???

I have riches compared to people in countries where they live in a tin building and sleep on the ground. I have ridiculous amounts of things in that respect. I admit I put far too much weight on things. I do. I’ve known rich people who could easily just get rid of nearly everything.

I think perhaps part of it was growing up with a depression era Grandma. Now she did NOT teach me materialism, nor did my Dad. However I was taught the value of items and keeping things for when I might need them.

However I was also taught the art of “Shucking Down” Every year my aunt and uncle had a garage sale, and every year I went through my toys, clothes, etc. I then labeled them with my initials and was helped in pricing the items. We took them to the garage sale and I made money. Not a bad trade. Now we also were taught to give things to those who need them, and that I still believe in.

So I will shuck down. The books I clear out will go to either the used book store or to people I know will like them as gifts

Yes I regift. I can’t see why a perfectly brand new item can’t be a gift. I don’t give a shit if fancy people think it’s tacky. I LOVE getting garage sale and thrift store gifts! It’s fun!

I love new gifts too. Hey, I’m a Leo on a Virgo cusp. Try working that out when you’re shopping.

How did I start talking about shopping?

So. That’s that. Choice made. Time to keep what is important and donate when I never even use.

How do you deal with extra items?

How do you feel about regifting very nice things?

Until next time…I have cleaning to do.

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