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My Cause!

These days it seems that everyone has a “cause”. I believe in this, that or the other. Which I am not saying is bad. It’s not. Especially for example, for actors who would normally get a ton of baby gifts from fans. Money is better spent on a charity of their choosing.

I have never been able to pick one cause. I am very concerned about politics, the state of our country, of the world. I am tired of people starving and having no health care.

I love the Earth, I believe it is a living, breathing organism we are all junking up. I believe it needs to be fixed, or at least people should try before they fling their plastic water bottle out their car window.

I am against bullying. It’s damaging, and those scars last forever.

I am for GLBT rights.

I still can’t find a cause. A banner I can pick up and carry proudly…or so I thought.

Until today.

Many know I love the organization Random Acts. They do wonderful things. Helping build orphanages, buying people computers they need, putting shoes on feet and food in stomachs.

Putting smiles on faces.

I realized today my banner. It’s simple and it’s this. Kindness. not because of Random Acts or because I was taught manners. Not because of any fake fluffy need to fulfill a religious


I genuinely LIKE being nice. I like making cashiers at stores smile, stopping my car appropriately so that people can cross at the grocery store. Instead of barreling through the marked yellow lines nearly knocking people over.

I like helping when I can.

I like making people, anyone smile.

That is my banner.

Being kind spreads. It spreads to the cashier, who goes home to their family in a better mood, who is able to play with their child because they are not grumpy on top of exhausted. This spreads to their child who goes to bed happy, and thinks about all the little things children think about. Things that eventually children create.

Which spreads to the school the next day when the kiddo comes in happy and is well behaved and the teacher smiles.

I like going to the pet store and talking to the birds, who mostly likely get lonely, and also really, extremely tired of people tapping loudly on their cage. Their feathers puff and they do little dances.

I like speaking kindly to strangers.

Am I some super hero? Good lord no. I can be a grumpy , selfish, egotistical jerk. I really, really can. I can be stubborn and dig in my heels and not back down.

I have flaws. More than I probably care to admit.

Don’t we all.

Still, that’s my banner and I will hold it high and I will do my best.

I don’t have much money, I don’t have the physical strength to do a lot of things others do, but I CAN do this. So I will.

I hesitated to make this post because I felt very much like it was bragging, and that is not why I do these things. Not at all. Ever. I do them because I want to. I do not want praise .

I decided to make this post to show that sometimes mainstream causes are not the only ones that need support. That sometimes you have to find your own way, find what you can do.

So I hope each and every one of you find that thing.

Until next time! Peace to all!


A much thinner, much shorter haired me. AMOK (Annual Melee of Kindness 2012), my Best Friend was with me. We were handing out flowers at a local grocery store. We did several other things, having a very full, and very fun, day!!


Oh the time between posts

I don’t know what it was. If I am a bit depressed (I don’t think so), or I just could not get motivated. My RedBubble shop was going nowhere I didn’t seem to have any interest in adding things to it. The level of quality over there is amazing, and I am not on that level with the types of things that sell there. I am not someone who can make a 25.00 shirt. At least I can admit it. So, for now, I closed the shop.

Does it feel a bit like failure? Yes, I suppose it does. A bit.

When we move and I have the space my painting is becoming a number one creative priority, along with learning to crochet. I think at this point in my life I need tangible results to my work. Graphics are fun, but I am extremely rusty and just don’t seem to have the desire to work up to where I was. I want to paint. I want to learn to crochet. I also want to learn to do great Decoden things. All I could sell, enjoy myself, give to people I care about, etc. I just like the feeling of accomplishment with a tangible item that I am not getting with graphics right now.

So, that’s where I start I suppose.

Speaking of a new room. In two and a half months my roommate and I are moving to a FAR nicer apartment complex. My level of excitement really can not be described in words. I’m going to be decorating again and that will be very fun.

For now, onward to think about other creative endeavors I would like to venture into.

I shall leave my new found interest…well, not exactly “New” more like “Renewed from a newbie level”…in Anime and Manga for anther entry!

Until then, peace and love to all!

I want to crochet things like this! I mean how CUTE??

Also examples I found on the internet of Decoden. None of these are mine, I don’t own them, I didn’t make them. Just searched up some examples. Basically if it sits still and should look cute you can Decoden it!





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