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Sadly GISHWHES 2013 has ended

Have you ever had a family Christmas, where everyone was there, and Uncle what’s his name always acted weird? He was the Uncle with the 70’s plaid pants in 1990 who made everyone laugh. yeah, he was weird. Yet he was funny, and fun, and the uncle you wanted to see every Christmas.

That is GISHWHES in a nutshell.

We begged, borrowed, taped,, glued, laughed, cried…could not believe what we as a team accomplished in such a short amount of time. The team was kinda like that Uncle’s Wife, probably a bit more decorum but still weird, and you still couldn’t wait to see her.

As for our items, you will have to wait. Some are fun, some funny, and some downright creepy.

I have gone a weak on about three or four actual meals, the rest filled with healthy snacks and air intake. There was my typical vertigo, double vision a seizure, yet STILL we pressed on. All of us pressed om. A team that had family things come up, who worked with the flu, qith Migraines, who just worked themselves to death and all of us had fun.At leasy I am pretty sure we did.

In a world of madness we were in a bubble of creativity. It kept out the worry just a for a week. For that week it allowed us to shine, to be ourselves. To do things we never thought we could, or would. Maybe both. We lived ligfe to it’s fullest

“I went to the woods because I wanted to live deliberately, I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life, To put to rout all that was not life and not when I had come to die Discover that I had not lived.” Henry David Thoreau.

What woods? You were in the city.Well, yes  but pretend the woods are a creative place. There…now it clicked huh? We all wan to live life. To be different, to have our moment. no matter what people say.

(It wasn’t weird I made two videos asking the Astronauts on the ISS for an item. it was NOT weird. OK it was a little. I think NASA will let it blow over.)

We had our moments. They are immortalized forever. Maybe not the moments we would have liked to have immortalized, but they are all the same.

We broke a Guinness World Record for hugs, we performed kindnesses, we made silliness.I got to see photos of my family hugging, smiling, happy. Sadly I did not get to see my Dad’s face when I told him I was a sanitation worker. A noble profession!! The way I did it…a ticket to the Psych Ward probably. Who ever knew I always wanted to do that?

None of us knew until we tried.

You created art, well lots of people aren’t artistic! That’s not fair! You may say! Ahh but it is! There are so many things everyone can do, and by God if they did their best, it’s art. Art comes in many forms. Expression is important and a lot of people look at Picasso and think “What the hell is THAT?? ” While others think “Oh, now that is a work of art!”  It’s relative, and it com,es from effort and the heart behind it. Not always “skill”

So now as I tidy up my room I shall get out my new Nintendo DSi, and once again go back to normal life. Just for a while. As normal as my life is. Then I will celebrate my 40th birthday all the while packing to move to a nicer place to live.

All the while formulating plans for GISHWHES next year. This year I will remember to stock up on Maxi pads!

What? Maxi pad sculptures are HARD and they are ART. I am somehow getting mine to permanently stay together, it will forever be displayed!!

That, is GISHWHES 2013. They are judging teams now. I hope we win, and I am glad we had fun.

Abnosome fun.



Although I am not allowed to show the items my team has completed, let me first say this.  That I am glad I am participating and captaining team CrowsInStarships for the second year in a row. They are an amazing bunch!! AMAZING. Astounding, fabulous!!

The items, on the other hand are, how shall I say it abnosome. In an odd way. Kind of like Adventure Time, Space Balls, when cats wake you us staring into your very soul.  That kind of abnosome.

Abnosome?? What in the heck kind of word is that? You’ve lost your mind…we all saw it coming really. Thanks guys.

It is a word, a new word, a GISHWHES a word, a word that everyone will soon be using!! In sentences such as “MIsha Collins is so abnosome.” or “He performed the item of hatching that egg on the sidewalk absnomely.”

That will never be a word, you might say. GISHWHES is a phase everyone goes through, especially when you are about to turn forty. It’s your last hooray before you have to grow up.

First, I will never grow up. I was fairly sure this has been established on my blog. If not I am establishing it now.

Second I will do GISHWHES every year even if I am tottering on and LED lit walker singing “Carry On My Wayward Son” and no one can stop me. I will do so with dentures, IcyHot, and I will do  so Abnosomely. (Hmmm spelling…oh well. It’s right probably.)

I am off to complete my Feminine Hygiene product Hippo by photographing him and hoping he doesn’t sink. All the while learning to make a paper crane so I can get soaking wet and make one in the rain, and planning how to photograph Take the road less traveled. They will all be abnosome.



ETA: It was. I almost fell in the lake. More than once.

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