It’s OK

Lately things have been wily nilly. Not bad. I’m happy, just a guess scattered some, together some. 

Unpacking the last little bits of things is as daunting as the very beginning. So many things that you do want to keep, but since everything is rearranged, well; you haven’t the slightest idea where to put it. 

I think we get this way in our lives. First a few big thoughts come along. We handle those ideas or problems with some ease, because we know what to do with them. No biggie. 

Then the little things come along. OH I wrote the wrong address on that letter…oh my God it will end up in someone’s house on Mars, and they’ll know all about my secret habits only Mr. Receiver of All My Deepest Darkest Things Ever should know. Oh God, then the Mars Rover will find it. It will be on the news…

You get the idea. One tiny problem and we toss it into def con 5. 

My Grandma calls it making a Mountain out of a Mole Hill. 

it’s something I excel at. 

I’ve been a bit frazzled, but extremely happy lately. Which is a mixed up place. 

I’ve some to those last few things to unpack. You’d think I had to manufacture an apartment by hand. I take one item out, stare at it, think, then put it back. I try another…oh..hmmm….well I really like this. Do I need it. Yeah I do, I actually used that a while back. Well OK, let me think some more. So I put it back. 

Silly things can be so frustrating. 

A few months ago I was in a place where I was just…not grumpy, but sick and feeling kinda useless, and worried that my life would never be right, that I would always be sick, blah blah. 

Suddenly, the signs started popping up. 

Painted on things every place I went. “Its OK”

The first one I saw, I had gone to the park. I think I tried to go for a walk, but couldn’t quite make it. Frustrated I was leaving and looked over at the recycle bin. In black spray paint “Its OK”. Now I believe in signs, think what you will. That little sign made me feel better. I went home. 

Here and there I kept seeing them. All over town too! I figured they must be helping other people too. They really weren’t defacing, in my opinion, they were never put somewhere that wasn’t just being used for anything more than a solid colored surface. Why not put that on it. 

Every time I saw it, I felt better. 

Today, I am where I am. We’ve moved, I’m surrounded by bright colors and things I love. 

It IS OK. 

Somehow in this time I have tried to learn to be happy. I hope I am learning. I hope more than that that I am making other people happy. When I do that, I feel like a million bucks. 

What a world we live in. Each of us needs the other. The simple art of making each other happy, making one another safe, warm, fed, clothed. When we do help one another it is gratifying, and so I think the world truly works that way. It’s just people get scared, they cling to things, they fight.  

Its OK

Those words could probably fix half the world’s problems. Am I an optimist? A lot of the time, yeah I really am. I can also be a realist, and in this case I am being one.

Its OK. 

We want this, no we want this. 

Meet in the middle. It’s OK.

Try it, see how those two words affect your life. I am so glad that they kept popping up in mine. 


About butterflyconfetti

I am a almost 40 year old from Tulsa, Oklahoma. I live here with my best friend, my cat Ruby Cadha and her cat Gabe. I consider myself a wanna be poet, an imaginary artist, a pretend photographer, and someone who might possibly have something to say about a little bit of everything. Sit back, enjoy the ride.

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