Merry Ostara everyone!

I hope that it finds all of you well and happy as the seasons change and we see the buds bloom, seeds are planted, and the robins land with their red tummies.

This is the frst Ostara I have actually acknowledged in my three years in my journey as a Witch. I am not celebrating really. We are going to try to dye eggs. I plan to wear lovely spring colors, and to spend time outside, with the blooming things, watching the ducks as they scowl at me for daring to live in this complex when clearly it belongs to them since they have a nest by the pond.

I remember when I was a little girl, near our our front stairs we had four red tulips that came up every spring, and I would wait and wait and I knew when I saw their green pushing through the soil it was time, and soon the days would be longer, and we could pay outside more, and the sun would be warm. Fall has always been my favorite season, but as I learn to appreciate this planet, I learn to appreciate it all.

So this year, spring coming has been a beautiful thing to me. Every bud, the birds singing in the  early hours. The feel of the cool breeze against my face, even when I was in the sun.

So welcome spring, welcome Blessed Maiden. Show us, teach us of life anew.

Blessed be everyone.


About butterflyconfetti

I am a almost 40 year old from Tulsa, Oklahoma. I live here with my best friend, my cat Ruby Cadha and her cat Gabe. I consider myself a wanna be poet, an imaginary artist, a pretend photographer, and someone who might possibly have something to say about a little bit of everything. Sit back, enjoy the ride.

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