Where is the Love?

I don’t know a lot about politics. I listen here and there. I know who I vote for and why. An expert I am not. 

I am human though, and human beings need the one thing our entire government is lacking.  Compassion. 

A simple word, something most all of us practice in our daily lives without even knowing it. It can be a big, or a small thing, but in our hearts we know it to be the right thing. 

In all the this side, that side, he said she said bickering between Congressmen and Women, between people who are different political parties who used to be friends, or who still are but house  secret animosity.  Arguments between husbands and wives. It’s grown and grown to be this giant disgusting thing, just one big argument and not trying to help anyone at all. 

They will say they are trying to help. Everyone there will say that. Maybe in their hearts they do believe that by digging in their heels and keeping the government closed they are helping. 

This is not a who is and who is not right blog post. Honestly, at this point, I don’t care and I don’t think ANYONE is right. Why?

There is no compassion. None. They would rather argue while mothers lose their Headstart for their child. The child gets a solid meal at headstart, maybe their only solid meal that day while their mother works a minimum wage job as hard as she possibly can. A job she will lose if she misses too many days, because she must care for her child. She lives for her child. 

What about the national parks? Veterans can’t see their memorials? Park Rangers who work incredibly hard to protect and preserver such Monuments suddenly have no pay.

I know I am missing a ton of people here, but my point is that is just the effect two programs are having.  If this continues, millions of people may not get their Social Security checks in November. It’s a possibility. 

I absolutely know there is middle ground because in these sorts of situations there is always a middle ground. You just have to be willing to find it. You’re certainly less inclined to find it if you are lacking compassion and instead wrestling. 

I love my country. I know the people in Congress are not bad people.  It’s there actions, in this present time, that are bad. That can be changed. There must be some reason, some spark that led them to want to serve our country. I have a feeling that for many of them, it was indeed that compassion in their hearts that was the reason. Wanting to make this country a better place.

This, in the here and now, is not making our country a better place. 

So, all this talk of compassion Bryn. big talker, what are YOU doing. Well what I can do. I’m starting with my heart, thinking about how this country can be, sending good thoughts and love to Congress that they will find resolution, that their hearts will override stubbornness so that the government opens again and people can go back to work. It seems small, but if I think hard every day, if I practice compassion, then hopefully it goes to the next person and the next until the ideas in this country change. Until people can say, well I don’t suppose that’s so bad. 

I know it’s a huge issue, but at it’s core is a simple principle. Breath, listen, compromise, and have compassion for your fellow congressman, for the workers out of jobs, and remember the compassion and love in your hearts for the American people. Make sure they get Head Start, their Social Security checks, get to see the memorials of fallen comrades in arms.

It can be accomplished. I believe it and I will always believe in love and compassion.  I hope maybe you can to. 


Sadly GISHWHES 2013 has ended

Have you ever had a family Christmas, where everyone was there, and Uncle what’s his name always acted weird? He was the Uncle with the 70’s plaid pants in 1990 who made everyone laugh. yeah, he was weird. Yet he was funny, and fun, and the uncle you wanted to see every Christmas.

That is GISHWHES in a nutshell.

We begged, borrowed, taped,, glued, laughed, cried…could not believe what we as a team accomplished in such a short amount of time. The team was kinda like that Uncle’s Wife, probably a bit more decorum but still weird, and you still couldn’t wait to see her.

As for our items, you will have to wait. Some are fun, some funny, and some downright creepy.

I have gone a weak on about three or four actual meals, the rest filled with healthy snacks and air intake. There was my typical vertigo, double vision a seizure, yet STILL we pressed on. All of us pressed om. A team that had family things come up, who worked with the flu, qith Migraines, who just worked themselves to death and all of us had fun.At leasy I am pretty sure we did.

In a world of madness we were in a bubble of creativity. It kept out the worry just a for a week. For that week it allowed us to shine, to be ourselves. To do things we never thought we could, or would. Maybe both. We lived ligfe to it’s fullest

“I went to the woods because I wanted to live deliberately, I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life, To put to rout all that was not life and not when I had come to die Discover that I had not lived.” Henry David Thoreau.

What woods? You were in the city.Well, yes  but pretend the woods are a creative place. There…now it clicked huh? We all wan to live life. To be different, to have our moment. no matter what people say.

(It wasn’t weird I made two videos asking the Astronauts on the ISS for an item. it was NOT weird. OK it was a little. I think NASA will let it blow over.)

We had our moments. They are immortalized forever. Maybe not the moments we would have liked to have immortalized, but they are all the same.

We broke a Guinness World Record for hugs, we performed kindnesses, we made silliness.I got to see photos of my family hugging, smiling, happy. Sadly I did not get to see my Dad’s face when I told him I was a sanitation worker. A noble profession!! The way I did it…a ticket to the Psych Ward probably. Who ever knew I always wanted to do that?

None of us knew until we tried.

You created art, well lots of people aren’t artistic! That’s not fair! You may say! Ahh but it is! There are so many things everyone can do, and by God if they did their best, it’s art. Art comes in many forms. Expression is important and a lot of people look at Picasso and think “What the hell is THAT?? ” While others think “Oh, now that is a work of art!”  It’s relative, and it com,es from effort and the heart behind it. Not always “skill”

So now as I tidy up my room I shall get out my new Nintendo DSi, and once again go back to normal life. Just for a while. As normal as my life is. Then I will celebrate my 40th birthday all the while packing to move to a nicer place to live.

All the while formulating plans for GISHWHES next year. This year I will remember to stock up on Maxi pads!

What? Maxi pad sculptures are HARD and they are ART. I am somehow getting mine to permanently stay together, it will forever be displayed!!

That, is GISHWHES 2013. They are judging teams now. I hope we win, and I am glad we had fun.

Abnosome fun.


Although I am not allowed to show the items my team has completed, let me first say this.  That I am glad I am participating and captaining team CrowsInStarships for the second year in a row. They are an amazing bunch!! AMAZING. Astounding, fabulous!!

The items, on the other hand are, how shall I say it abnosome. In an odd way. Kind of like Adventure Time, Space Balls, when cats wake you us staring into your very soul.  That kind of abnosome.

Abnosome?? What in the heck kind of word is that? You’ve lost your mind…we all saw it coming really. Thanks guys.

It is a word, a new word, a GISHWHES a word, a word that everyone will soon be using!! In sentences such as “MIsha Collins is so abnosome.” or “He performed the item of hatching that egg on the sidewalk absnomely.”

That will never be a word, you might say. GISHWHES is a phase everyone goes through, especially when you are about to turn forty. It’s your last hooray before you have to grow up.

First, I will never grow up. I was fairly sure this has been established on my blog. If not I am establishing it now.

Second I will do GISHWHES every year even if I am tottering on and LED lit walker singing “Carry On My Wayward Son” and no one can stop me. I will do so with dentures, IcyHot, and I will do  so Abnosomely. (Hmmm spelling…oh well. It’s right probably.)

I am off to complete my Feminine Hygiene product Hippo by photographing him and hoping he doesn’t sink. All the while learning to make a paper crane so I can get soaking wet and make one in the rain, and planning how to photograph Take the road less traveled. They will all be abnosome.



ETA: It was. I almost fell in the lake. More than once.

My Cause!

These days it seems that everyone has a “cause”. I believe in this, that or the other. Which I am not saying is bad. It’s not. Especially for example, for actors who would normally get a ton of baby gifts from fans. Money is better spent on a charity of their choosing.

I have never been able to pick one cause. I am very concerned about politics, the state of our country, of the world. I am tired of people starving and having no health care.

I love the Earth, I believe it is a living, breathing organism we are all junking up. I believe it needs to be fixed, or at least people should try before they fling their plastic water bottle out their car window.

I am against bullying. It’s damaging, and those scars last forever.

I am for GLBT rights.

I still can’t find a cause. A banner I can pick up and carry proudly…or so I thought.

Until today.

Many know I love the organization Random Acts. They do wonderful things. Helping build orphanages, buying people computers they need, putting shoes on feet and food in stomachs.

Putting smiles on faces.

I realized today my banner. It’s simple and it’s this. Kindness. not because of Random Acts or because I was taught manners. Not because of any fake fluffy need to fulfill a religious


I genuinely LIKE being nice. I like making cashiers at stores smile, stopping my car appropriately so that people can cross at the grocery store. Instead of barreling through the marked yellow lines nearly knocking people over.

I like helping when I can.

I like making people, anyone smile.

That is my banner.

Being kind spreads. It spreads to the cashier, who goes home to their family in a better mood, who is able to play with their child because they are not grumpy on top of exhausted. This spreads to their child who goes to bed happy, and thinks about all the little things children think about. Things that eventually children create.

Which spreads to the school the next day when the kiddo comes in happy and is well behaved and the teacher smiles.

I like going to the pet store and talking to the birds, who mostly likely get lonely, and also really, extremely tired of people tapping loudly on their cage. Their feathers puff and they do little dances.

I like speaking kindly to strangers.

Am I some super hero? Good lord no. I can be a grumpy , selfish, egotistical jerk. I really, really can. I can be stubborn and dig in my heels and not back down.

I have flaws. More than I probably care to admit.

Don’t we all.

Still, that’s my banner and I will hold it high and I will do my best.

I don’t have much money, I don’t have the physical strength to do a lot of things others do, but I CAN do this. So I will.

I hesitated to make this post because I felt very much like it was bragging, and that is not why I do these things. Not at all. Ever. I do them because I want to. I do not want praise .

I decided to make this post to show that sometimes mainstream causes are not the only ones that need support. That sometimes you have to find your own way, find what you can do.

So I hope each and every one of you find that thing.

Until next time! Peace to all!


A much thinner, much shorter haired me. AMOK (Annual Melee of Kindness 2012), my Best Friend was with me. We were handing out flowers at a local grocery store. We did several other things, having a very full, and very fun, day!!

Oh the time between posts

I don’t know what it was. If I am a bit depressed (I don’t think so), or I just could not get motivated. My RedBubble shop was going nowhere I didn’t seem to have any interest in adding things to it. The level of quality over there is amazing, and I am not on that level with the types of things that sell there. I am not someone who can make a 25.00 shirt. At least I can admit it. So, for now, I closed the shop.

Does it feel a bit like failure? Yes, I suppose it does. A bit.

When we move and I have the space my painting is becoming a number one creative priority, along with learning to crochet. I think at this point in my life I need tangible results to my work. Graphics are fun, but I am extremely rusty and just don’t seem to have the desire to work up to where I was. I want to paint. I want to learn to crochet. I also want to learn to do great Decoden things. All I could sell, enjoy myself, give to people I care about, etc. I just like the feeling of accomplishment with a tangible item that I am not getting with graphics right now.

So, that’s where I start I suppose.

Speaking of a new room. In two and a half months my roommate and I are moving to a FAR nicer apartment complex. My level of excitement really can not be described in words. I’m going to be decorating again and that will be very fun.

For now, onward to think about other creative endeavors I would like to venture into.

I shall leave my new found interest…well, not exactly “New” more like “Renewed from a newbie level”…in Anime and Manga for anther entry!

Until then, peace and love to all!

I want to crochet things like this! I mean how CUTE??

Also examples I found on the internet of Decoden. None of these are mine, I don’t own them, I didn’t make them. Just searched up some examples. Basically if it sits still and should look cute you can Decoden it!





The beginnings of “Shucking Down”

Everything in life begins with a thought. That thought can be entirely your own, but most likely it was prompted by someone else, who had been prompted by someone else…you get the idea.

A lovely man in a facebook group I am in mentioned he had done the most epic spring cleaning I think I have ever heard of. Another member then mentioned getting rid of many unwanted or unused things. Donating them may I add, not throwing them away. So it set my mind whirring.

Things. Oh the things I have. By society measures probably not that much, but to me it stares me in the face more often than not. Books unread because I can’t really see the print in paper books very well, clothes too small, bath and body products sitting stagnant.

We are moving in a few months to a far nicer place. My room will be the same size, but I intend to have far, far less clutter. So I must get rid of things. Where to start? What do I get rid of? What if I need it again???

I have riches compared to people in countries where they live in a tin building and sleep on the ground. I have ridiculous amounts of things in that respect. I admit I put far too much weight on things. I do. I’ve known rich people who could easily just get rid of nearly everything.

I think perhaps part of it was growing up with a depression era Grandma. Now she did NOT teach me materialism, nor did my Dad. However I was taught the value of items and keeping things for when I might need them.

However I was also taught the art of “Shucking Down” Every year my aunt and uncle had a garage sale, and every year I went through my toys, clothes, etc. I then labeled them with my initials and was helped in pricing the items. We took them to the garage sale and I made money. Not a bad trade. Now we also were taught to give things to those who need them, and that I still believe in.

So I will shuck down. The books I clear out will go to either the used book store or to people I know will like them as gifts

Yes I regift. I can’t see why a perfectly brand new item can’t be a gift. I don’t give a shit if fancy people think it’s tacky. I LOVE getting garage sale and thrift store gifts! It’s fun!

I love new gifts too. Hey, I’m a Leo on a Virgo cusp. Try working that out when you’re shopping.

How did I start talking about shopping?

So. That’s that. Choice made. Time to keep what is important and donate when I never even use.

How do you deal with extra items?

How do you feel about regifting very nice things?

Until next time…I have cleaning to do.

A few thoughts on Legends

It’s been ages. So much for keeping posts up weekly. There are the usual array of excuses, but honestly I should just get at it and post really.

I am starting the TV series Merlin. I’ve not seen it at all, which is very surprising in some respects  Although through the years I have had cable, not had cable, had cable without the proper channels..etc etc. Cable is expensive. Don’t even get me started.

So now I am starting at the beginning on HULU. Have I mentioned how much I love Netflix and HULU? Those and an Antennae and you really don’t need cable television. Just cable internet and you are good to go!

In starting the TV show Merlin, I starting thinking about my lifelong interest in King Arthur and all things to do with Arthurian Legend. Books read, conversations had over the years.

In high school my term paper was concerning Medieval Folk heroes and how they were affected by Social Castes. I won’t bore you with all the details (Where IS that paper? I’ve actually lost it. Such were the days of Index cards and paper.), but basically it was about how poorer people might have looked up to Robin Hood far more as a hero. Giving to the poor, stealing from the rich. When you are living on practically nothing and paying taxes to the King on the Hill in the huge castle, it makes sense. Right? While Arthurian Legends were typically much more popular with the upper class. Those who lived by Chivalry and all due process of the court, blah blah.

Forgive any mistakes I may make or already have made in writing this, that paper was researched over 20 years ago. I do good to remember yesterday.

So now, as I see this huge production on my computer screen, I had a  thought. I’m actually way lower class income wise, yet I live in a beautiful place. I have everything I need and probably a ton I really don’t. In today’s society I guess I am considered poor, so we’ll just go based on income I suppose. Since in today’s society the heavy hitters get 50.00 haircuts, have new cars, don’t normally buy used clothes, etc etc. (Used clothes make me incredibly happy. I’ll save that for another post.) Anyway, going with it…

Why is it that today, people like myself, or even poorer, lower in our caste system; love King Arthur so much. When the very people like us so many years ago didn’t relate to him at all? In this day and age we love all things romanticized. that’s why. To us Robin Hood is equal in story and heroics to Arthurian legend. The drama, romance, costumery (is that a word?), battles, fanfare, tragedy. We see it as the same.

We see it as the same because it is not our time period. So we are able to look at it through different glasses and see ourselves in both stories . In wanting to rob the rich and give to the poor; look how many politicians use that very platform over and over and over again. We will lower the taxes on the lower class, and raise them on the upper class. In wanting to be the one that fights a good battle and saves someone in distress  People are hurting, we ride in on a horse, and we try and make it better. Those people are our damsels in distress.

Were we to go to a different country, where the difference between the rich and the poor might be even greater, a country not raised on these myths and legends; would they relate to both? If they could even relate at all, my thought is no. They would relate in a way similar to the Middle Ages due to what they know. They don’t always have access to the toys the people in the “castles” have by going to a store. They only know what they know. Not because they are stupid! Certainly not! Simply because that is what they know, they have not been exposed to anything else.

So really the world has and has not changed I think. In the end we still relate to what we CAN relate to. Spiderman, Batman or Superman? Magneto or Dr. Xavier? These, our modern heroes take into account things more common in our society. Psychological things .

So who is it for you? Batman and Magneto here.

That is my off the cuff entry for the week. Hope all of you are well and happy. Have a great week!


I missed my Sunday posting, but I’m kinda laid back, and I was eating tons of candy..so it’s a post today.

Today, April Fool’s day. The day of Mishapocalypse .Which I keep spelling wrong. Anyway…

It all started a few weeks ago when a tumblr user (I will find their name. I just scrolled through my tumblr for half an hour trying to find it. I’m going blind here. ETA: THE NAME! Their name is lokisleathersuit well I am sure that is not their real name, but there it is. The person who started it all. Tumblr famous and for good reason! ) decided that on April Fool’s day everyone should use the following picture as their icon.


It’s a very bad picture of Misha Collins. Mostly bad because he looks like he wants to suck you into his ice cream truck and eat you with some butterscotch and vanilla ice cream. Not in the good kind of way either.

Did I just say that?

My brain is fried. Why would your brain be fried Bryn? You might ask no one in particular.

I will tell you. That one photo has turned into an epic phenomenon that has had all Misha Collins fans on tumblr every single hour they have been awake. Including me. It’s been pasted into gifs and onto everything from movie posters, to cartoon characters and everything in between.

Tumblr founder David Carp was shocked to wake up to a tumblr full of Misha Collins.


As the day progressed actor Misha Collins got in on the action, posting all sorts of ridiculous pictures of future “plastic surgery” and even changing his user icon to..well..probably someone from a town in Oklahoma of about 6 people. Hey, that person got to be famous for a day! Fans were beside themselves, and that includes me; that he was having as much fun with it as we were.


Later in the day David Carp posted another tweet.

david carp three

I can not even begin to point out the creativity and humor in the Supernatural fandom that was expressed today as post after post after post contained more Misha Collins that I have seen in my years as a fan of Supernatural and Castiel. Between all the fan videos I watch, fan art I look at, and times I have seen the Castiel Episodes of the show..that my friends is a LOT of Misha Collins. I wish I could post every single thing that was on tumblr, but I can’t. There is not enough room. One fan made a commemorative video , I am posting that because it shows a lot of what was on tumblr today.

I think the point of this is the sheer power of social media. How it brings people together. it was a day where fans felt close, together, and had one hell of a good time. I know I did.

Our eyes burn, our fingers are sore, for many their photoshop is probably screaming at them. We don’t care.

Are any of the Misha or Supernatural fans sorry we spat Misha Collins all over everyone’s tumblr dash. No, not really.

These same people, who united to make this happen, we’re the people who work to make Random Acts of kindness a daily thing. We’re the same people who try to raise enough money to get to go to Haiti every year to help build an Orphanage. Here is a link to this year’s trip for those interested in donating. http://haiti.therandomact.org/

These are the same people who for the last two years have run “AMOK” on the Annual Melee of Kindness day. Doing everything from working to feed the homeless to things as simple as baking cookies for an elderly neighbor. Nothing was too big or too small. (Aside. I took part in the first one and it was an amazing feeling making people smile.)

Those things are not even the tip of the iceberg of what Supernatural fans have accomplished. I have seen all of us get enough money together to save a girl’s life by getting her emergency surgery for severe cysts in her Uterus and on her ovaries. Actress Kim Rhodes helped with the doctor and fans went to work, raising money. Her life was saved. We’ve donated to charities on behalf of Jared and Gen Padaleki’s baby Thomas, on behalf of the future baby of Jensen and Danneel Ackles. We get shit done.

Social Media brings people together for silliness like the Mishapocalypse, but it puts these same fans together into a powerful force to do good in this world.

So today was a day I know I am going to remember for a long time to come. Except that tomorrow we are all acting as though it didn’t happen. Good thing I wrote this blog before midnight.

Until next year.

You can follow Misha Collin on twitter @mishacollins

You can also follow Random Acts on Twitter @therandomactorg

Charities Jared adn Gen are involved with

A Dog’s Life Rescue

St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital (Donations taken for their baby Thomas in lieu of gifts)

Charities Jensen and Daneel are involved with

Hats Off For Cancer (Donations in lieu of gifts for their baby girl)

His nephew Levi has Down’s Syndrome and he has been active in charities for that as well. I can not find the exact one. Anyone out there with the info?

I know I have not come close to listing everything just these three actors from Supernatural do. The cast is amazing in every sense of the word, adn the fanbase in amazing. Thsoe two things powered by social media as a driving force can change the world.

Sometimes, it can just make you laugh. So on that note I think I will stroll back to tumblr.

daisyceotionMy bouquet to you!

A Review

I don’t normally write reviews. Well, OK maybe I do, but not here on my newly blooming blog. I am, however; compelled to write a review of the best little coffee house in Tulsa. The Phoenix. 

Every week I go to therapy, and the last two times I have stopped into The Phoenix. I was drawn by the brick building with the yellow painted sign on the side. I love brick. I love painted brick. 

So last week, in I went. Upon stepping in, I was pleased. It was not brightly lit like Barnes and Noble, which makes me want to wear the darkest shades ever made. I do mean ever. Dimly lit, and despite being busy, not loud. Another thing that makes my body scream, Oh my god can we please leave?

Now I do love Barnes and Noble, I won’t lie. I adjust to it’s blinding florescents for my coffee urges and book needs. It’s close, it’s convenient. 

The thing is, because of “close and convenient” I think we all are missing out.

So back to first impressions. The counters are made of books. Yes, hard cover books glued into beautifully colorful stacks make up the counters. Some of the walls are brick. Again I am a sucker for brick. On the ceiling hanging retro lights, and upside down lamps light the room. There are bleacher style seats made of a lovely wood, and mismatched tables and chairs. 

My firs visit I was impressed. I had a Dirty Chai made with soy milk and a cookie. The coffee was fantastic. I drank it quickly as my bus was coming and I really did not get the full experience, so all I can say is on that visit:extremely friendly staff, great coffee, awesome cookie and what I feel are reasonable prices. 

Today I got the full experience. I decided to take a later bus so I could sit down and enjoy a Chai Latte in a real mug. It was warm and absolutely magnificent in every way. The kind of Chai Latte you want to take your time with. I enjoyed a lovely Gluten Free treat as well. A cake of sorts. It also was very good. They warmed it for me. Again the staff were extremely friendly, even though they were busy. 

It was easy enough for me to find a quiet corner and contemplate and look around while I sipped, warming up from the outside chill. 

As I was leaving, I had to use the ladies room. This is when I made the best discovery yet. Not in the ladies room!

The Library! You go into a door you think is only bringing you to the restroom and there it is, to the left. With the most beautiful red couch I have ever seen. Floor to ceiling books, and wonderful places to sit and read in peace and quiet. Away from the outer area. The books are for sale at used book prices, but you can just grab one and sit down and read if you chose. 

It’s the kind of place I always wished we had in Tulsa. It compared to my first coffee house experience in Bartlesville, only better. Dark, moody, hipster, unique. 

Anyone looking for a nice place to go on a Friday night, check out the Phoenix. They also serve beer, wine,bagels and other food items. I think it’s one of the hidden treasure that can be found in Tulsa. 

The Phoenix is located right at the intersection of 6th and Peoria. 

Enjoy! Image


There is a line in an Amanda Fucking Palmer song

“Quit the bitching on your blog
And stop pretending art is hard
Just limit yourself to three chords
And do not practice daily”

In her epic anthem to an instrument I one day will play. I will. The Ukulele.

For now, I want to say this. Art isn’t hard. Art is scary. I think that is where so many of us disconnect. The sheer fear of putting a little piece of our soul onto paper, the internet, canvas, or CD. It’s terrifying. What will people think? Is it crap? well I like it, but I mean it still could be utter and complete crap. it could be a coaster or cat pan liner.

The thing is, we have to jump that hurdle. Maybe it is complete junk. So what? It MY junk! I painted it, wrote it, tore it, bled it, sketched it, screamed it, strummed it, sang it, or simply stood there. Whatever it is, it’s mine, or yours. Nothing ever changes that fact. You hand it out there, and you say “Look what I did. Maybe you’ll like it.” and you let it go.

I just sent two poems into a newer Zine here in Tulsa. It was terrifying. I didn’t want to hit send. I was worried. Fuck it. I hit send. They were willing to take the time to read it? I was willing to take the time to send it. If they say no, well. They said no. My words are still mine and I am proud of them.

So in the end, no matter what your talent, be willing to take the leap. We all have some form of faith. I don’t mean religious faith. I mean the kind in yourself. That you are at least marginally good enough to give it a try.

Next stop for me? More blogging, continuing to learn to paint, and probably some photoshop work. Hell I may even get the camera out.

What’s the next stop for you?

Baubles & Blessings

Handmade jewelry infused with love & Reiki!